Artisan children fashion, Made in the UK

Our design philosophie in a nutshell: Promoting a sense of individuality and creating a modern elegance adapted to little ones.

We use inspiration and colour palettes from far and wide combined with a simple, timeless style.
Mixing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design and distinctively bold prints Mange Tout offers the comforting feel of 100% natural and homemade quality as well and a way to reconnect with a making process.

Behind Mangetout you’ll find a compulsive fabric lover, a serial creator, an avowed Excel geek and most bizarre, an engineer turned children’s fashion designer.
“ If there is one person to blame, it’s my mum”…

…I used to spend hours watching her cutting patterns, pinning hems, threading the machine… Our trips to the fabric shop were just as mouthwatering as a trip to the bakery. As I explored the colours and textures of each roll of fabric I would imagine the amazing things I could create; and I began to experiment.

Years later, although happy in my career in the Environment sector I also had a secret dream of one day owning my own business. After having my own children I looked for interesting, non-gendered and ethical children’s clothing and was disappointed by what little there was on offer. So I naturally saw the opportunity to pursue my passion and create a range of clothing, an open-minded, timeless and earthy feel that I could not find anywhere else. The environmental engineer in me brought a innovative vision for quality, local production and sustainable sourcing, thus Mange Tout was born.

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